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Weekly Python Chat is a live chat for Python developers. Sometimes we talk about Python and sometimes we just talk about life.

These live events vary in format, including everything from audience-driven interviews to online workshops. Live events vary in length from 20 minutes to 90 minutes.

Isn't this like a screencast/podcast/Slack room?

Not exactly. The hosts are on video and other participants are in text chat. These events are recorded, but the best way to participate is to show up live. There's also the option to jump on video with the hosts if you have a question that requires a screenshare.

Who are you?

My name is Trey Hunner. I teach Python. I've used Python for the past 6 years. I did full-stack web consulting for 5 years and now I do remote training online as well as on-site corporate training.

I tweet one #pythonoddity every week, I blog semi-regularly, I contribute to open source sometimes, and I participate in my local Python meetups. I also host Weekly Python Chat.

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⏰ Event in 6 days, 22 hours Upcoming

Gluing strings together in Python


Learn when and why you'd glue strings together using concatenation, interpolation, or other methods.

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Future Event Ideas

Gluing strings together in Python

Learn when and why you'd glue strings together using ...

Functional-ish programming

We'll discuss what functional programming is and how functional ...

Tips for learning Django

Making mistakes is a great way to learn, but some ...

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